• The Aloha Spirit – The Aloha Chant
  • Ramsay Taum Shares the Significance of the Name Hawai’i
  • Jack Johnson Shares his music and love for Hawaiʻi

Jack Johnson Shares his music and love for Hawaiʻi

Jack Johnson is more than a singer/songwriter, he is a concerned husband and father who lives out a life that gives back to society, the land and the ocean.  The Kokua Hawai’i Foundation (founded by Jack and his wife Kim) has been a tremendous voice for conservation and change in the Hawaiian Islands especially with our younger generation.  In our time with Jack, he discusses topics that are close to their hearts such as changing community through educating our children and the preservation of land and resources that will benefit future generations.

 Within the program Jack performs his hit song”Upside Down” from the Curious George soundtrack with good friend and slack-key master Kawika Kahiapo.  In classic Jack Johnson style they sit down in a grassroots, backyard setting.  Kawika is on Jackʻs board and they are close friends that have spent a lot of time talking and playing together in schools, fundraisers, and of course on stage.Jack-&-dave-mathews

Jack is also featured with long time friend and fellow star Dave Mathews in a rendition of “Reduce, Reuse, Recyle”.  Recorded at one of the hugely successful and fun Kokua Festivalʻs, this snippet gives you a great look into the man who lives the lifestyle he talks and sings about.

Overwelming Positive Response

hawaii-more-than-a-place320The premier of Life in these Islands received an overwhelming positive response and there are plans underway to re-air the show.  We are also in discussion about the release of a DVD and other initiatives that would help to further this vital conversation.  As this image from the program shows…we are all connected, when the circle is broken everyone is affected.  People feel the same everywhere, what can we do?  It is our hope that you will get involved and help to move Hawaii into the future.    Please join as a member of the website so that you will receive messages when we post so that we can keep the conversation going.  You can then pass these messages along to others that you know.  The people are the most vital part of this movement.


Here are some excerpts of responses we received:


Was so glad that a friend told me to DVR the show.  We stayed up late after putting both of our boys down and was worth every minute of sleep lost…ten fold.  My son attends Kanu O Ka Aina here on the big Island and every section of the show resonated with me and helped to stoke the fire of what we are cultivating in our children.

Mahalo, for taking the time, effort, and fiscal responsibility, to the share the words, feelings and opportunities for actions that so many are ready to hear all packaged in a format ready for the masses.

When will it air again?  I would love to make sure that everyone I know sees this and passes it along to someone else.  GREAT JOB!!




Thank you SOOOOOO much for your hard work on this project, guys. It was deeply moving and motivating and, once again, I am realizing what an unreal treasure it is to call this place “home.” Shoots, even the commercials were fun!  What an uplifting and challenging 1.5 hours. Mahalo NUI LOA for all you’ve done. Can’t wait to see what is next.




Just saw the hour and half presentation of Life In These Islands and was taken away by it. I am 72 years old and I feel as motivated as the younger generation that will lead us into the future. Now is the time, let’s roll. Imua Lanakila.


I was so impressed with the comments of those who spoke to the meaning of Aloha that I want to share it with my friends and family on the mainland so they can better understand the meaning of being part of this wonderful culture, place and respect for the aina and each other.  Much mahalo from a mainlander that wishes to embrace the true spirit of Aloha and spread the this most soft, spiritual and important message.  Mahalo for the effort of all in the making of this program.




I was captivated by the “Life in These Islands” TV special I watched tonight . I feel that that topics and speakers would be a valuable voice to the children I teach.




Wow, we loved watching this soon-to-be “award-winning” special, “Life in These Islands”!

Mahalo nui loa to all who were, and will be, instrumental in spreading the Aloha Spirit to

the world through this moving and powerful portrait you’ve Painted for us. Thank you for portraying the magic  of Hawaii’s diverse people, cultures, and souls so beautifully.


Can’t wait to share this in class with those who weren’t able to watch it tonight.

The Aloha Spirit – The Aloha Chant


The Aloha Spirit is one of the most famous things about Hawai’i.  More than a greeting, “aloha” is probably the most recognized and most used terms in our islands.  What is aloha?  In this segment we find out that “aloha” is a spirit that is part of everything that we are.  It connects us to each other and to the aina (land).  It is the essence of who we are as a people and a place.

In this video we are introduced to Aunty Pilahi Paki, often called the “keeper of Hawai’i’s secrets”.  Aunty Pilahi passed away in 1983 but for a number of years shared with select students as well as community leaders that “aloha” could heal the world.  She Prophesied that in the 21st century that the world would come to Hawai’i looking for the answer to world peace, and that answer is in “aloha”.

In the video we are also introduced to Corbett Kalama who’s mother, Aunty Lani Kalama was Pilahi’s chanter.  Aunty Lani passed down “the aloha chant” to her son Corbett who shares it with us.


Ramsay Taum Shares the Significance of the Name Hawai’i

In this excerpt from the program, Ramsay Taum a well known Hawaiian cultural and sustainability expert shares his mana’o on the name Hawai’i and it’s significance.

Hawai’i is more than a name, it is a “mission statement” about these islands and how we are supposed to treat each other, the land, and the sea.  Watch this beautiful statement by clicking on the video below.  This video shows us why Hawai’i is such a special place and considered by some to be heaven on earth.

Ramsay is Director of External Relations & Community Partnerships, School of Travel Industry Management University of Hawaii at Manoa and Chairman of the Board of Sustain Hawai’i


A Program about Life

Life in these Islands is more than just another television show.  It is the story of our beautiful islands and the people of Hawaiʻi.  There has been so much that has gone on here in these islands and they continue to change daily.  It is our desire to see the best for our islands and people but to do that means we have to start making quality choices and follow those choices with actions that make a difference.

Featuring many of our top entertainers and celebrities, Life in these Islands is a shot across the bow of a changing world.  By including many of our most loved people and musicians talking and singing about the islands they love it gives us insight into our unique culture and way of life.

Since the days of old the culture of these islands has been beautiful and unique.  Set in the middle of the Pacific Ocean these islands were one of the last populated by humans and have the most endangered species of anywhere in the world.  There is so much to learn and so much to share.  Within this program we tried to capture where we are as a people and place.  It is difficult because these is so much history here and so many misconceptions that have been given to the world.

Our concern is that in just the last 30-40 years we have watched many of our cherished things begin to disappear as more and more people visit and move here.  What we have done is tried to provide a glimpse into what life in like here, our value system and where we hope to go as a people.  Go here to see the opening segment of the program.